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SCI-Arc Noon Day News (December 1977)48:15

The video starts, stops and then starts again at 00:57.

Briggs MacDonald announces changed seminar meeting times and reminds viewers that the photocopier can make change.

At 2:35, Terry Rainey announces SCI-Arc Library evening and weekend hours. He reminds everyone to add his or her contact info to the rolodex on Arlene Ainbinder’s desk. He warns students that John Dresher (the Berkeley Street landlord) is tagging improperly parked cars.

4:00 to 10:35, MacDonald discusses “High Technology,” the upcoming Spring 1978 Wednesday Night Design Forum, with its coordinator Glen Small. Small points out that the Spring lectures are intended to contrast with the architect-focused Fall lectures, organized by Shelly Kappe. They discuss upcoming developments with Small’s “Green Machine” project.

At 10:41, MacDonald provides a toll free number for information on solar power resources.

At 11:08, Terry Rainey announces an upcoming meeting to organize a work day to complete projects on the facility, including “new cubicles, enlarging the AV facilities, and moving the library to the Penthouse.” He also announced an All School Meeting later that week, and invites applicants for the media crew.

13:24 to 37:10, Terry Rainey and Ray Kappe discuss the proposal to raise tuition from $830 to $1000 (including fees). They also discuss disseminating the Educational Development Plan, annual budget information, and scheduling final reviews. Rainey concludes by announcing that Ray’s Café (precursor to Yong’s, 3020 Nebraska Avenue) has applied for a beer license, and will open the patio connecting it with SCI-Arc.

At 37:58, Arnold Stalk announces that the new financial aid coordinator Serena Mesnick has created an information packet for all students. He announces upcoming Southern California Architecture Students Council meeting at the Gamble House and an ACSA Regional meeting at SCI-Arc. Volunteers are requested to take over the SCI-Arc newspaper “Energies”. Stalk announces the deposit deadline for the summer semester in Europe. He announces the latest winner of the “Endurance Award” for most difficult seminar to endure is Terry Glassman’s “Humanistic Design Seminar”.

At 44:51, Eric Chavkin announces an article by SCI-Arc students will be appearing in the July 1978 issue of “L.A. Architect”.

At 45:26, Jackie requests volunteers to help plan and build an expansion of the cubicle system.

At 46:24, MacDonald makes a facetious presentation for “speed-eating” as a way to get through design studio and seminars.

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