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SCI-Arc Fiction & Entertainment 2018-19 Showreel06:50

What we think the world looks like is largely determined by fiction and entertainment—extraordinary shared languages through which we exchange ideas and engage with our environment. It is impossible to underestimate the importance of media in the production of culture.

In SCI-Arc Edge’s Fiction and Entertainment program, we engage the techniques of popular culture to imagine and visualize alternative worlds. Deeply embedded in the entertainment industry of Los Angeles, this program is a place to start telling new kinds of stories about the emerging conditions of the twenty-first century.

Work in the showreel comes from Jeremy Hartley, Yucong Wang, Kaan Karabagli, Tien Tien Wang, Kate Stuteville, William Chen, Shuruq Tramontini, Ko-Chun Liu, Jiacheng Cheng, Ainslee Alem Robson, Enrique Agudo, Rick Farin, Case Miller, Cole Daly