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SCI-Arc ‘22 Spring Show: The Land of Ahh’s08:33

SCI-Arc’s Spring Show 2022 entitled “The Land of Ahh’s” was presented to the public and surrounding community to showcase exceptional Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate studio projects, along with seminar work in the Visual Studies, Applied Studies, and History + Theory curricula. “The Land of Ahh’s” presents an investigation into the architectural and symbolic parallels that can be drawn between the studio desk at SCI-Arc as a laboratory for experimentation and free expression, and the juke joints popularized in the Jim Crow south by Black Americans, as a safe spaces to convene, create, and celebrate. Curated by SCI-Arc faculty Kordae Jatafa Henry, Jeremy Kamal Hartley, and Making+Meaning Coordinator and Acting Undergraduate Program Co-Chair William Virgil, the 2022 Spring Show exhibition provokes—in conjunction with SCI-Arc's 50th anniversary—both an acknowledgment that the world as we knew it is over, and that the told and untold stories of yesterday can propel us into an unknown, but ultimately liberated future ahead.

Dance Performance by: Jonathan Chan

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