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Merrill Elam (November 30, 1989)01:13:19

Michael Rotondi introduces Merrill Elam, a principal at Scogin Elam and Bray Architects.

Elam describes the early days of Lloyd Bray, Mack Scogin, and herself. They all worked about ten years at Heery and Heery International before starting their own firm. She then presents her favorite images, from travels all over the world.

Elam shows a number of projects, a building for WQXI, an addition to the High Museum of Art at Georgia-Pacific Center, the Clayton County Library, and a community center and chapel at Emory University. Elam describes some of the more salient community influences, and how they achieved architecture on a reasonable budget.

Elam describes a couple of libraries, a Herman Miller showroom, and a residence. Elam also takes some questions on the nature of the work and firm. All the projects take the site and neighborhood into account.

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