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Marc Goldstein (February 26, 1976) / Archigram documentary discussion01:28:33

This video contains three different items:
--A lecture by Marc Goldstein,
--A discussion of a documentary about Archigram,
--An episode of Leonard Bernstein’s The Unanswered Question (1973)

1. The lecture is not a SCI-Arc event; it might be at LACMA.

Marc Goldstein is introduced with a discussion of his role and rise within the offices of Skidmore Owings and Merrill, with commentary on the importance of the individual architect within a corporate firm.

Goldstein says he will present new projects currently in process in the San Francisco office. He comments on the inclusion of interior design and planning in the architectural work done in the office. He presents a series of projects including an office building for Boeing in Seattle and mentions his interest in generating simple strong and elegant spaces.

Goldstein continues his presentation with a project in downtown Reno, Nevada. The program includes casino spaces, large entertainment zones and a new hotel tower to connect to an existing hotel. He presents a tower in Houston with different facade concepts on each of the four sides. Goldstein shows two projects in San Francisco. He explains the importance of Market Street in negotiating the two misaligned downtown grids of San Francisco and his interest in creating a geometry to respond to this grid.

Goldstein shows some recent interior design work from the office. He shows model images of a bank layout and discusses the relationship of the interior to the exterior of the building. He shows another project that organizes offices and laboratories around a social and circulatory spine. In this project, careful consideration was given to the spatial integration of the existing foliage on the site and implements the notion that the world is the wallpaper for the building.

2. At the 1:00:34 mark, the video cuts to a discussion at SCI-Arc of a documentary about Archigram, possibly Gavin Millar and Denis Postle’s 1967 documentary for the BBC.

3. At the 1:14:42 mark begins an episode of Leonard Bernstein’s The Unanswered Question (1973), possibly Lecture 3 "Musical semantics".

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