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LAXART: Remote Castration11:31

Join LAXART Executive Director, Hamza Walker and Deputy Director, Catherine Taft, as they discuss the history of “alternative spaces,” LAXART’s diverse programming and their current exhibition, “Remote Castration.” Featuring the work of Paul McCarthy, John Altoon, Nancy Buchanan, Kathryn Garcia, Daniel T Gaitor-Lomack, Jenny Holzer, Nova Jiang, Jahni Moore, Sue Williams and Benjamin Weissman, "Remote Castration" is an exhibition that reflects on the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements and how they resonate with a trajectory of feminist thought in contemporary art.

The exhibition’s title is derived from a piece of graffiti—spotted in L.A. in fall of 2017—that serves as both provocation and barometer for a collective consciousness operating around gender and power today. While marking a paradigm shift in outdated systems of authority, the present outing of sexual misconduct and abuse of power (on a scale and frequency unlike any before) raises important questions around social behavior, sexuality, ethics, truth, desire, repression, language, selfhood, and privilege.

Crew Credits -

Creator and Executive Producer - Hernan Diaz Alonso
Producers - Marcelyn Gow/Reza Monahan
Director - Reza Monahan
Director of Photography - Sean Morris
B Camera - Armeen Monahan
C Camera - Robert Moreno
Lighting - Michel Erler
Sound Engineer - Chris Trueman

Story Producer - Cal Crawford
Editors - Cal Crawford/Reza Monahan


Hot Evening Song
Written And Produced Alex Mikryukov (aka King Imagine)

by Nin Martoize

All gallery images and videos courtesy of the artists and LAXART.

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