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John Enright: Recent threads (February 8, 2012)01:15:16

Hsingming Fung introduces John Enright, combining her own words with those of a text sent by Eric Owen Moss.

John Enright compares the system of a freeway to Saint Patrick's Well in Orvieto, citing their differences and similarities. He discusses his office's commitment to the continuity of movement within their architecture, and he shows slides and discusses a building for Cal Arts, a temporary space for L.A. Mart, a competition entry for a new cafe for SCI-Arc, and a proposal for a condo development in Venice, CA.

Enright discusses the design for a local parochial school, an unbuilt design for a Boys and Girls club facility in Boyle heights, the grass installation in the SCI-Arc Gallery, and a proposal for a site next to the Schindler House.

Enright describes an interior for a local Polish Catholic church. He compares the church to a museum, and describes the design's simple form, modulated light, and circulation. Enright also discusses a house in Malibu, a research project on Konrad Wachsmann's principles of structure, and a recent residential development in China.

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