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Eric Owen Moss: 3rd Raimund Abraham Memorial Lecture (March 6, 2013)01:23:41

After an introduction by Jeffrey Kipnis, Eric Owen Moss begins the 3rd Raimund Abraham Lecture by describing Abraham's fundamental optimism, and the inspiration to explore non-pedigreed ways of thinking. He discusses different cultural contexts in which architects work, different modes of differentiation and collectivization, and contrasts radicalism of technique and radicalism of subject matter. He presents animated montages of material and form studies, and of details of a variety of his projects. Moss discusses several projects in depth, including the Umbrella, the Queens Museum of Art competition, the Smithsonian Patent Office competition, the Mariinksy Cultural Center, the Tennis Channel studio, and installations at the Wexner Center, the MAK Center in Vienna, the (W)rapper tower, Taiwan Tower in Taichung, Republic Square in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the Stealth building, the Pterodactyl parking garage, and the Samitaur Tower. In a brief concluding commentary, Jeffrey Kipnis argues that Eric Owen Moss's work bears repeated, focused attention, stressing its lyricism, optimism grounded in criticism, and its ability to provide existential niches that welcome and honor the visitor.

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