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Enrique del Moral, Agustín Hernández & Shelly Kappe (1980)01:50:29

Shelly Kappe separately interviews Enrique del Moral and Agustín Hernández.

Del Moral talks about his early architectural work in Mexico City. He says people did not initially make the connection between art and architecture. He explains that Le Corbusier was a direct influence for modern architects in Mexico, but that Walter Gropius was an even greater influence for him. Del Moral credits the Bauhaus for new thinking and new developments in construction.

Agustín Hernández talks about his architectural career in Mexico, where he attended the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and where he now teaches. When asked whose work he admired growing up, he identifies Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Hernández states, “I don’t believe in theories. I believe in practice.” He explains “there are two types of spaces in architecture in Mexico…pre-Hispanic – cosmic space – religion of the sky…and after the conquest, the religion in the room…” Hernández’s preference is pre-Hispanic and its geometric forms. He sees “architecture as a living sculpture.”

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