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Chris T. Cornelius : My house has feathers (February 8, 2023)01:08:39

After Hernán Díaz Alonso’s introduction, Chris T. Cornelius describes his process of understanding architecture culture through Oneida Nation culture. He discusses his projects under three categories: “Design is ceremony”, “Drawing is medicine” and “De-Colonize”

“Design is ceremony”
•Indian Community School of Milwaukee, with Antoine Predock (2007)
•“Yaw : Bending out of course” series of models
•“Trickster (itsnotatipi)” (2018) installation, Bookworm Gardens, Sheboygan, WI
•“Wikiaami” (2017) First Christian Church, Columbus, IN

“Drawing is medicine”
•“Oneida moon domiciles” watercolor elevations and digital renderings

•“Otāēciah (Crane)” sculpture for the Kaeyes Mamaceqtawuk Plaza, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI
•“Not my HUD house”, prototype house, Crystal Bridges Museum, Bentonville, AK
•“Radio Free Alcatraz : an architectural speculation”

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