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Black Hole: A Space for Audio12:29

"Audio is a temporary social architecture made of air." - From Figures in Air: Essays Toward a Philosophy of Audio, by Micah Silver.

Black Hole is an artist-run space for audio in Los Angeles. Conceptualized by the artist Micah Silver, Black Hole is an environment where people can “listen to, think and talk about audio materials that are not possible to experience with widely-distributed audio technologies”. Located in Gardena, visitors enter through an unmarked door into the listening room - a black space with speakers mounted throughout. There, they experience their “session”, a time allotted to listen to a particular work.

While sessions are the main focus of Black Hole, the organization also engages with the local community by offering free/low cost noise surveys and consultation services to respond to developments and construction in Los Angeles. Additionally, Black Hole’s LA Audio Solidarity program provides sound systems to activist groups and other community building actions.

Black Hole’s creator, Micah Silver, is an artist and curator who studied music at Wesleyan and in MIT’s Art, Culture and Technology program. His work has been produced by MassMoca, Issue Project Room, Palais de Tokyo, and OK Zentrum, among other venues internationally. Silver also wrote the book Figures in Air: Essays Toward a Philosophy of Audio.

*This film is best experienced with headphones or sensitive studio monitors.

Crew Credits -

Creator and Executive Producer - Hernan Diaz Alonso
Producers - Marcelyn Gow/Reza Monahan
Segment Producer - Vivian Charlesworth
Director - Reza Monahan
Director of Photography - Walker Sayen (TinDragon Media)
B Camera - Kevin Gerrard
Sound Engineer/Swing Tech - Jason Chapron

Story Producer: Vivian Charlesworth
Editors - TinDragon Media/Reza Monahan

Catherine Christer Hennix Image by Rosa Menkman
Additional Images and Video Provided by Micah Silver
Special thanks to - Advait Thakur

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