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A Queer Query - Part 1: Welcome + Doing It Exactly Wrong (December 5, 2020)01:52:08

After Hernán Díaz Alsonso’s welcome, David Eskenazi proposes that this symposium will offer more questions than answers: How can I participate in queer culture as an architect? How can I teach queerly? Can a queer thing be authored by a non-queer person? Or is the question really, Who has a seat at the table?

At 15:33, as the first presentation in the “Doing It Exactly Wrong” session, V. Mitch McEwen & Jerome Haferd first deploy go-go music and images of an outdoor dining space for the Alibi Lounge, into which they embed a conversation about “junky systems” – not to be confused with “junk space” – liveness, and comfort with precarity. They conclude with Big Freedia’s video “Rona Rona”.
At 31:19, Eskenazi and other panelists respond.

At 40:23, Jack Halberstam’s “Coming Undone” discusses collapse, stillness and “performance architectures” in the work of Alivin Baltrop, Merce Cunningham, and Pauline Oliveros.
The panelists respond at 1:06:22.

At 1:16:30, Xavi L. Aguirre introduces a presentation of “Acid plumbing”, a collaboration with and response to Patrick Staff’s 2019 installation “On Venus” at the Serpentine Gallery, London.
At 1:37:35 the panelists respond.

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